Connectivism VoiceThread Project

This week I created a digital story telling project in which the subject was connectivism. Connectivism is so new and such a new age approach towards learning that when you type the word into the computer on a word processing program it is not even recognized as a word. Rather it comes up as an incorrect misspelled word. Connectivism is a subject that I find very interesting the more and more I learn about it. Initially it’s something that is intriguing because learning is intriguing so it is always good to learn and hear about new ways to learn.
The approach that connectivism takes is a brilliant approach because it encompasses various different people with ideas who are curious about learning and hungry for growth. Some people feel like a textbook approach to learning or teaching a subject is not adequate enough because it comes from just one point of view. The connectivism approach to learning opens up a broad discussion of learning in which everyone in the group or network provides their own understanding and research to the table. With that everyone who is participating in the group is able to learn through all of the shared information.
In doing this voicethread project I learned so much. The term Nodes refers to a learning community. A network is made of two or more nodes in order to share resources and information and the size of nodes can vary. The capacity for a person to know is more is more crucial than what they currently know. Knowing where to find more information is more critical than knowing information. Another important aspect of connectivism is the ability to actuate what you have learned throughout the process. Being able move forward and actually put things into action after the process is obviously critical and the point to why anyone would want to learn anything. There are various ways to participate and communicate through connectivism and I illustrate the ways in the voicethread project. With the invention of social media over recent years and it has made it easier for a relatively new approach to learning like connectivism. One method of connectivism is MOOCS which stands for Massive Open Online Courses.
There are some college level courses that are taught through MOOCS. However even if a student or a class of students are already enrolled in a traditional college course with traditional classroom setting they still can form connectivism methods within the class among the students themselves.
In closing I had an interesting time doing this voicethread and finding a way to be creative. I welcome everyone to give me feedback on my thoughts of conenctivism and please enlighten me in the areas where I have fallen short in this blog entry. I will do another voicethread later. Because afterall that is the whole purpose of connectivism right? 
You can listen and see the voicethread project that I did on cennectivism right here:

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